Triton 1000/2
10' (3.17m) TRITON
LOA: 10' 5" (3.17m)
Beam: 8' 2" (2.49m)
Min Draft:
Max Draft:
Cruising 3 knots
Max 3 knots
Year: Mfg-2010
Builder: TRITON
Price: $1,585,000 USD
Location: , Florida, United States
Additional Specifications For Triton 1000/2:
LOA: 10' 5" (3.17m)
Beam: 8' 2" (2.49m)
Min Draft:
Max Draft:
Hull Material: Steel
Hull Config:
Hull Designer: Triton
Deck Material: Fiberglass
Tonnage: 6600
Int Designer:
Ext Designer:
Fuel Capacity:
Water Capacity:
Holding Tank:
Flag: Cayman Is.
Location: Florida United States
Price: $1,585,000 USD
Year: Mfg-2010 Model-2010
Builder: TRITON
Model: 1000/2
Cruising 3 knots
Max 3 knots
Engines: Quad, Electric, Tecnadyne Electric Thrusters
Staterooms: 0
Sleeps: 2
Heads: 0
Crew Quarters: 1
Crew Berths: 0
Captain Cabin: No
American Bureau of Shipping A1 Manned Submersible
The Triton 1000/2 is fitted out with an array of options to be most proficient in conducting a wide range of exploration and scientific, life-altering adventures.

This submersible is an ABS Classed, one atmosphere, manned, deep submersible, rated for 2 people and certified for dives to a depth of 1000'.  This vessel is designed, engineered and built by some of the most experienced civil submarine experts, pilots and divers in the world. Constructed to meet rigorous standards for durability, redundancy and reliability, the Triton subs are known for their exceptional engineering and high quality. The Triton has significant advantages over other subs to include better reserve buoyancy, freeboard and surface stability, excellent passenger and pilot visibility, three-axis maneuverability with joystick control, digital touch-screen monitoring, control and navigation, and in-water boarding. 

The sub's low profile, small deck footprint, minimal weight, and simple launch and recovery requirements make this an ideal vessel for yacht based operations. This sub is Cayman flagged, meets the requirements of the Cayman Islands Registry and is an ABS Classed Maltese Cross A1 Manned Submersible. 

Included is a thorough training program and substantial spares.  There is opportunity to try before you buy to qualified individuals in conjunction with M/V Baseline Explorer.  
Advance training is included, incorporating professional training dives with the vessel in the open ocean. 

  • ABS+1 Manned Submersible
  • Cayman Registry of Shipping
  • 450 lb (205 kg) payload
  • 1000 ft. (305 m) depth
  • 3 kts speed
  • 2 crew
  • 132 lb (60 kg) variable ballast
  • 3080 lb (1400 kg) main ballast
  • 5 kWh 24 v battery
  • 12.6 kWh 120 v battery
  • 2 x 2.7hp, 2 x 2 KW main thrusters
  • 2 x 2.7 hp, 2 x 2 KW vertrans thrusters
  • PLC based touch screen control
  • 4  forward, 1 rear, 1 down LED external lights
  • Oxygen with CO2 scrubber life support
  • 10 hours main oxygen at 200 bar
  • 96 hours reserve oxygen at 200 bar
  • 2 x 17 liter main air at 200 bar
  • 2 x 17 liter reserve air at 200 bar
  • 10.5 ft (3.2m) length
  • 8.2 ft (2.5m) width
  • 6.1 ft (1.85m) height
  • 6800 lb (3100kg) weight
  • 19.7 in. (500 mm) hatch I.D.
  • Manipulator arm
Support Equipment
  • Blueview 2D multibeam sonar with Proviewer
  • TrackLink 1500 multiple target Integrated USBL Acoustic Tracking and Communication Systems
  • Quick battery charge system
  • OTS acoustic communications
  • YP45 compressor and boost pump for air and oxygen
  • HP air and oxygen banks
  • Professional training included
  • Extensive spares
Ready for Action
Launching Prep
Manipulator Arm
DVL Doppler velocity log
Deep Sea upgrade LEDs' 4fwd; 1 dwn; 1aft
1000' Camera Pac
Pt Fwd Battery Chamber
Tecnadyne 120v DC Thruster x 4
DVL Doppler
Main hatch; 10 & 27 kh transducers
USBL tracking RDF. Strobe
Tracking & Nav System
Toughpad Gas Monitors
Sonar screen
Battery monitors
Toughpad Air Monitor
02 controls
Oxygen Booster
Diving with Dual Subs and Divers
Observing Sea Bottom
Divers & Subs in Action
Port aft with Bonnet
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