134' (40.90m) Riga Shipyard
LOA: 134' 3" (40.90m)
Beam: 29' 7" (9.00m)
Min Draft: Min 16' 9" (5.10m)
Max Draft:
Cruising 13 knots
Year: Mfg-2009
Builder: Riga Shipyard
Motor Yacht
Long Range Cruiser
Price: approx. ($9,092,769 USD)
8 000 000 € EUR
Location: Russian Federation
Additional Specifications For OLD CAPTAIN:
LOA: 134' 3" (40.90m)
Beam: 29' 7" (9.00m)
Min Draft: 16' 9" (5.10m)
Max Draft:
Hull Material: Steel
Hull Config: Full Displacement
Hull Designer:
Deck Material:
Tonnage: 644 Tonnes
Range: 9,000 Miles
Int Designer:
Ext Designer:
Fuel Capacity: 177,000 l (46,758 g)
Water Capacity: 45,700 l (12,073 g)
Holding Tank:
Flag: Panama
Location: moving in Black Sea, Russian Federation
Price: approx. ($9,092,769 USD)
8 000 000 € EUR
Year: Mfg-2009 Model-2009
Builder: Riga Shipyard
Model: Commercial
Motor Yacht
Long Range Cruiser
Cruising 13 knots
Engines: 1300 HP, Single, Inboard, Diesel, 6M425, MAK
Staterooms: 6
Sleeps: 12
Heads: 6
Crew Quarters:
Crew Berths:
Captain Cabin: No
MCA: None ISM: None

1st Deck:

Russian sauna

Turkish sauna

Swimming pool 5580mm x 4400 mm (41.3 m3)


Fitness equipment (Tehnogym – 2 pcs)

Washing machines (4 pcs)


2nd Deck:

Cabin passenger – 6

Cabin crew - 3


3rd Deck:

Saloon casino

Submarine or motorboat

Quardacycle – 2 pcs


4th Deck:

Captain bridge


Jacuzzi on the top deck

Dumwaiter galley – saloon KONE BKG

Crew: from 3 up to 10

Passengers: 12

Saloon crew

Sun deck and swimming pool

Professional concert studio for musicians


Engine /Mechanical Equipment

Main Engine:

MAK, type 6M452

Reduced to 1300HP, 450 rpm

Consumption – 4224 kg


Auxiliary Engine:

2x CATERPILLAR marine generator set engine,

Model C9 DI-TA

288 hp (215 kW) at 1500rpm (suitable for 200 ekW @ 50Hz)

Generator Leroy Somer, type LSA M 46.2L9 C 6/4

Fuel flow kg/hp Power 100 % - 40,45


Gearbox: Reintjes, type WGV 502, reduction 2,90:1


Propeller: 1x 4 blades, diam.3000 mm


Steering Gear: 1x Promac, hydraulic driven, type HSE 120R.

2x El. motor ASEA type MT 100LB 28-4F215


Bow Thruster: 1x electric driven, 88 kW, 1460 rpm,

EMOD type SM SRL OIN 250 M/4


Sewage Treatment plant: RWO Marine Water technology Type 1 BIOPUR

Approved according to IMO-resolution MEPC, 2(VI) USCG accepted.


Oily Water Separator: RWO Marine Water technology Type SKIT/S-DEB 0,5

IMO Res., MEPC, 107 (49)

Capacity 0.5 m3/h


Starting Air Compressor: 2x ERVOR-ENVE, Type G5 ()

El. motor Hawker Siddeley S.A. type UD-112M 4kW


D.O. Purifier: 1x MAPX, model 204. El. motor WEG type AL-100L-4; 2.2 kW


Fresh Water Generator: RWO Marine Water technology Type SW RO 6

Max flow 0.5 m3/h.


Air Condition Plant: 60.5 kW of total capacity

1x GEOKLIMA S. r. I. Water cooled Chiller

Type VHH-B 150/66/TP/SD

2x Clima Tech, Type TW 3 P3B


Lay a diesel engine-generator: type LCB-225-L/4     56kW, 3x380 V, 500r.p.m.


Main Switchboard: 5 panels of distribution of the electric power from generators to consumers. Type RG838 B1   3x50Hz,   400 V.


Transformer power lowering: 3x 100 kVA 380/220 V 250 A. Type TC3 100/0,5 M


Fire pump: 1x PEDROLLO type F50/250B Q 300-1000 1/min H 72-59 m

El. motor 15 kW, 3x 50 Hz, 2930 rpm.


Deck Equipment

Anchor mooring capstan: 

2x El. motor WEG type Frl132M 7.5 kW, 3x50 Hz, 380 V


Deck Crane (FWD):

Marine Crane HEILA, Type HLM 3/ (2A series) with

Fluid Power System „PARAMA FLUID”

060601-L-0125. El. Motor TECNOMOTORI type MC132M4

7.5 kW, 3x50 Hz, 400 V


Deck Crane (AFT):

Marine Crane HEILA, Type HLRM 35/2S with

Fluid Power System „PARAMA FLUID”

060601-L-0133. El. motor TECNOMOTORI type LJ200L4

30kW, 3x50 Hz, 400V


Electronics and Navigational Equipment

Set of Radio Equipment A3


2x SAILOR RT5022 VHF DSC Class A, black/grey,

Transceiver incl. handset and bracket, 12-24V DC nominal

2x Flush mounting kit for RT5022/RT5020

3x Coaxial dipole antenna incl. N240F frequency 146-162.5   L= 1.26m

4x E179 Mounting set

90 m Coax cable RG 213/U

2x N163S Power supply 110/220V AC to 24V DC, 7A, green

8x PL259 UHF plug RG214/213, crimp

2x CB5009 Connection Box for RT5022


2. GMDSS equipment

1x BP4680 Battery panel (green)

1x Sailor 5083 Power Supply and Charger 24V DC/29A         

1x Fuse box with fuses 50A

2x A512/115.0 A, 12V, 115Ah, 40.3 kg, 284x267x230 mm

4x Battery Clamp

1x Emergency GMDSS lamp


3 .Set of MF/HF Radio station 250W

1x SAILOR System 5000 250W D1 (1 channel watch receiver)

Includes complete system: CU5100, TU5250 and ATU5215 in black/grey

1x Option key for enabling D6 (6 channel watch receiver) in System

5000 MF/HF (both 150W and 250W)

1x SAILOR CB4616 Connection box SUB D-9 to terminal block converter

1x SAILOR 5070 Loudspeaker 8 Ohm, 100x100mm, black

1x MB4995 Flush mounting bracket for 100x100mm unit, black

1x KUM-803 HF Marine transmitting antenna, frequency range: 1.6-30 MHz L= 8.0 meter

1x KUM-480 receiving aerial with transformer, frequency range: 0.15-30MHz, L=4.8 m, white

30 m Multi-cable, screened, 6x2x0.5, 6 twisted pairs

50 m Coax cable, RG 213/U, per meter

5x Coax plug PL259 for RG214/213

1x MB4994 Flush Mounting bracket for 100x200mm unit


4 .Set of Inmarsat-C station

2x SAILOR TT-3000EB GMDSS basis system incl.:

-TT-3026C mini-c GMDSS/SOALS transceiver with GPS and omni-directional antenna

-TT-3606E Message terminal

-TT-3616C Junction box

-TT-3601E compact keyboard

-Opt.101 pole mount

-Opt.946 50 m. connection cable

2x SAILOR H1252B/TT-3608A Parallel printer, 12/24V, black/grey

1x SAILOR SSAS add-on kit incl.:

*2 pcs. Alert buttons with 50 meter cable

*1 pc test button with 50 meter cable

*pin code for activating the SSAS option

1x SAILOR TT-3042C Remote Distress Alarm





9GHZ search and rescue transponder incl. battery pack, standard bracket and user manual


6. SAILOR SP3520 Portable VHF

3x SAILOR SP3520 Portable VHF GMDSS, including:


*Belt Clip


*Lithium battery (primary battery)

*Li-ion rechargeable battery


*AC/DC converter/adaptor

*DC connection

*Operators manual


7. Navtex receiver NX-700-B

1x NX-700-B Navtex Receiver Dual Freq. (518 kHz) and (490 kHz or 4209.5 kHz) 200,000 chr. memory; 12-24 VDC   incl.

-5" LCD Display (NX-700B)

-Receiver (NX-70001-BA-E)

-Antenna (NX-7H)

-20m ant. cable

-ASCII output for conn. w/serial printer/periph;

1x SAILOR N163S Power supply, 110/220V AC to 24V DC, 7A, green

25 m Coaxcable, RG 213/U, per meter

2x Coax plug PL259 for RG214/213


8. Iridium

1x ST4120 Iridium Transceiver Fixed Mount, Unit incl. 1,5 m power cable

1x SC4150 Iridium Control Handset Fixed Mount, incl. 3m cable

1x SA4110 Iridium fixed mount antenna incl. data cable for connection to PC

1x SAILOR N163S Power supply, green 110/220V AC to 24V DC, 7A

30 m Sucofeed 1/2" HF Coax. cable


Navigation Equipment

9. Magnetic compass

1x Spherical magnetic compass VENUS with 1° card system, apparent card diameter 150mm, illumination either 12 or 24 V

1 standard azimuth device with shadow pin in plastic box

1 vertical reflection tube

(Cutube (r) 1500 mm) with mirror head

2 full size D-spheres 180 mm of soft iron

4 weak iron cylinders for Flinder's bar

1x B and C corrector capsule for Venus ‘H’ and JUPITER


10. X-band radar

2x TRANSAS Navi-Radar 4000 340 Color X Band Radar Systems

25kW (MastheadTX/RX)

System Includes: Antenna, Turning Unit with integrally fitted Transceiver, High Resolution Color 340 Flat Panel Monitor (23"), Radar Processor Unit, memory card map storage and keyboard w\trackball control. Radar display, 6 ft Antenna

X Band Performance Monitor

1x Radar Integrator Board (RIB-2)

1x 33m X Band Radar Installation Kit


11. DGPS

1x GP150 DGPS Navigation System, comprising:

DGPS Navigation Sensor with Power/Data cable;

Control and Display Unit incl. U-Bracket, Power and Data cable;

- Combined GPS/beacon antenna (excl. cable).

Operator’s and Installation Manual

1x ADU-102, NMEA multiplicator 7


12. AIS

1x UAIS Transas T103. Basic set

* T103 Transponder Unit - 1pc

* M2 Minimum Keyboard Display (MKD) - 1pc

* GPS/Glonass antenna - 1 pc

* GPS/Glonass antenna bracket - 1pc

* Power cable 6m - 1 pc

* Display cable 5m with DB 15 (M) connector - 1pc

* Coax TNC connector for RG214/213, crimp - 1pc

* N plug RG214/ 213, crimp - 1pc

* VHF antenna plugs kit - 2 pcs

* Mounting kit - 1pc

* User Manual T103 - 1pc

* RMRS certificate T103 - 1pc

1x ADU-102, NMEA multiplicator 7

60 m Coax cable, RG 213/U, per meter

1x SAILOR N163S Power supply, green 110/220V AC to 24V DC, 7A


13. Anemometer (DEIF)

1x Wind Sensor Static without heating

1x WSS Interface Box

1x SAILOR N163S Power supply, green110/220V AC to 24V DC, 7A


14. Log system (Consilium)

1 set - SAL R1a, WT Speed Log Basic Package


703800 = ELC, Electronics unit and

(Spare fuses included in main board)

705050 = TRU, Transducer with 30 m. Cable

71-21540-00 = MSSBSV. Mounting set for single bottom with sea valve

704043 = SD4-3, One axis WT speed and distance instrument with forward/astern indication. Distance sailed, total and trip

703810 = SAL R1a, Instruction manuals (English) 1 set (manuals)


15. Gyrocompass system

1x 110-813 Standard 22 Compact

Gyro Compass Equipment Comprising:

110-233 - 1 master compasses Standard 22

111 006 - 1 gyro sphere

1 supporting liquid and distilled water

Signal outputs:

2x NMEA or Course Bus

1x Course Bus

4x status (potential free contact)

Signal input from:

1x NMEA 0183 from GPS (GLL/GGA)

1x log: 200 p/NM and direction or NMEA 0183

148-450 - 1 set on board spare parts

133-556 NG003 Anschutz

Repeater Compass for wall mounting (IP44)


16. Rudder Angle indicator system

1x Rudder Feedback Unit Bus AS Steering InterfaceAS

1x Rudder Feedback Unit Analog AS Amplifier for Rudder Angle or Rate-of-Turn Indicator

1x 136-065 SA001 Three-Face rudder angle ind. 75°, IP 23

*scale 75 degrees

*for ceiling suspension   IP 23

1x Dimmer for 136-065 flush mtg. IP 56B

1x RAI flush mtg. +/- 45° 96x96 IP 22

1x Dimmer for NB09-066.00-xxx flush mtg. IP 56B


17. Autopilot system and steering control system

1x PilotStar D, on/off solenoid/proportional Comprising:

- 102 864NG001

1 operator unit (IP 56 B) incl. 2.5 m cable

- 102 863NG001

1 connection unit with amplifier (IP 22)

1 set on board spare parts

1x NFU-Tiller w/ Take-Over Function for PilotStar D for main console

Portable FU-Tiller w/ Take-Over Function for PilotStar D

1x Plug and Connection Box foe remote FU-tiller

1x FU Steering Insert

1x Follow-Up Amplifier AS

1x Change Over Switch (2 axes, 2x7 sw. poles, 4 sw. positions)


18. VSAT system

1x ORSat (AL-7103-Ku MK II) 8W 1.15m (45”) Ku-Band Marine Satellite Communication System with 8W RF

1x Central Control Unit

1x Modem

1x Set of cables 40 meters


19. SAT-TV system

1x SAT TV antenna М9

1x SAT TV antenna М9

1x GigaSwitch 11/20G

1x GigaSwitch 11/20K

20x SAT Receiver

400 m Coaxial cable RJ11

600 m Coaxial cable RJ6

20x Cable scart->scart – 5 metrs

2x Compensator


20. Forward sounder

1x Interphase color twin scope sounder, main unit

1x Transducer


21. Night vision system

1x FLIR Navigator Pan/Tilt

1x Remote control panel

1x Hatterland monitor 23"



1. Batteryless telephone system

1x VSP-211-L MAIN STATION, flash mounting or bulkhead, w/h unit, 24VDC, IP-44



2x EHS-24 Rotary light 24VDC, IP54

1x Metal on-wall box, black


2. Talk-Back/Public Address


1x SAILOR N163S Power supply,


1x 240W Power Amplifier, 3 HU 24VDC and 110/230VAC






1x EHS-24 Rotary light 24VDC, IP54


2x HP 10, Plastic Horn

20x BF 560 T, Ceiling, with aluminum firedome

2x HP 15 T, Plastic Horn, 50/100 volt

NOTE: All 100V loudspeakers are fused.


3. VSS Sound signal reception system


Frequency range 70-700Hz, black, IP-44

4x SS-222 MICROPHONE STATION Frequency range 80-13000Hz, 24VDC, grey, IP-65

4x Connection Box 6/2 grey, IP-66

1x 163S Power supply 110/220V AC to 24V DC, 7A, green



Full sized swimming pool, 9000 NM range, casino, bandstand with synthesizer, MAK 1300 HP @ 400 RPM engine, etc.!
Very seriously for sale.  Make offers!!


The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.
Master's suite
Guest stateroom TV
Guest stateroom
Wheelhouse 2
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool 2
Engine Room
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