83' (25.50m) Cantiere delle Marche
LOA: 83' 8" (25.50m)
Beam: 25' 2" (7.67m)
Cruising 10 knots
Maximum 12 knots
Location: Italy
Year: Mfg-2008
Builder: Cantiere delle Marche
Motor Yacht
Price: approx. ($4,492,312 USD)
3 950 000 € EUR
Additional Specifications For INDIAN:
LOA: 83' 8" (25.50m)
Beam: 25' 2" (7.67m)
Min Draft: 9' 3" (2.80m)
Max Draft:
Hull Material: Steel
Hull Config: Displacement w/ Bulbous Bow
Hull Designer:
Deck Material:
Tonnage: 180
Int Designer:
Ext Designer:
Fuel Capacity: 33,000 g (124,919 l)
Water Capacity: 2,498 g (9,456 l)
Holding Tank:
Flag: Italy
Location: Rome, Italy
Price: approx. ($4,492,312 USD)
3 950 000 € EUR
Year: Mfg-2008 Model-2008
Builder: Cantiere delle Marche
Motor Yacht
Cruising 10 knots @ 4500 RPM
Max 12 knots
Engines: Single, Diesel, Baudouin 700 hp, Baudoin
Staterooms: 9
Sleeps: 9
Crew Quarters:
Crew Berths:
Captain Cabin: No
MCA: Yes ISM: None
1x SS Ventilated Oven NEEF 90 cm
1x SS washing machine Bosch 7 Kg
1w Dryer Miele 9 Kg
1x SS Microwave Oven Miele M 6032 SC
1x SS Dishwasher Miele MOD G 6720
1x Custom SS Fridge and Freezer 1300 liters
Ice maker and daily whine Cantina in the
1x Sea outlet with filter
2x Low pressure Pumps
2x Sand Filters
3x 30 micron Pre-filters
2x High Pressure pumps
2x Osmotic Membranes
2x Three-way valves connected to a
2 x Antibacterial UV ray system
1x Drinking water purifier (Mod. EP 950 )
Variable Co2 Addition
1x Fryer
1x BBQ Grill
 6x SS burner hob
1x Ice maker

Navigation Equipment
Max Sea time Zero 2018
Compass satellite
Felcom 50 satellite
VHF Furuno
Chartplotter TZTB Furuno Time Zero
3 x Hatteland displays touch screen 17
Main radar: Furuno mod. DRS6A, 64 nm,
Antenna XN 12 A
Secondary Radar: M1834 CBB Furuno.
Range of up to 36 Nautical Miles.
Wheelhouse Display Systems: Nr. 3 Hattelad
17TMMD21 HD Touch Screen display, Nr. 1
analog video surveillance display.
Second DGPS Navigator mod. GP-37 / GP 32
Castoldi Tender 6m
Deck Equipment
200 liters Freezer
Mooring Winches
2 x MUIR 4000
Anchor Winches
2 x MUIR 6000 Vertical Windlass
2 x galvanized steel 180 Kg
Anchor Chain
2 x galvanized steel 160 mt
Retractable electro-hydraulic Besenzoni
(5 mt)
Swimming Ladder
Retractable electro-hydraulic Besenzoni
mod. SI 401
Electro-hydraulic Besenzoni mod. G 328
(1.000 Kg max load)
Besenzoni Electro-hydraulic Mod. G 328
Sensors and Anti-Fire System
Consilium Smoke Detectors and 2Kg powderextinguisher

FIRST REFIT - 2009/2010
This extensive refitting was carried out after the first sailing experiences, to better tailor the
boat’s technical equipments, the finishing of the interiors and the organization and furnishing
of the three outdoor decks to the owner’s tastes and needs.
• Total Repainting (hull sides and transom) with a “Mirror Effect” metallic paint (Challenger
613/259 Defender and Challenger 619/259 “Altura” Boero).
• Substitution of the two anchor chains (longer and heavier).
• Installation of sofas and multi functional tables on the Main Deck, Upper Deck and Fly
Bridge. (These tables, in the lunch/dinner configuration, allow up to 10,12 and 6 seats
• Installation of sunbathing cushions and chaises longue, on the Upper and Fly Decks.
• Installation of an external gas powered kitchen on the Upper Deck ( 5 professional Scholtés
burners, grill, deep fryer, ice maker and a refrigerator).
• Installation, on the Upper Deck, of an high strength canvas gazebo to protect the new
seating areas, the dining tables and the kitchen. This gazebo can be easily removed (totally
or partially) andpossibly heated.
• Installation of a third Fisher Panda PMS 24 NE 24 KW power generator. As well as serving in
case of emergency, this extremely quiet generator is normally used, at night, to ensure
maximum comfort for passengers.
• Complete refurbishment of the interiors of the boat.
Installation of an office area in the Master Cabin, installation of large-screen HD TV SETS in
the Living Room, Master Cabin and VIP Cabin.
• Installation of a SONOS Home Sound System.
This system distributes different music tracks, at different volumes, in each of the 10 internal
and external zones of the boat. Replacement of all previously installed Speakers with new,
more powerful and better quality Systems.
• Installation of a professional Technogym bike and of other physical exercise accessories.
• Installation in the kitchen and in the Crew Quarters of 7 Custom Made Stainless Steel
Freezers and Refrigerators (Total Capacity 1,300 liters).
SECOND REFIT - 2016/2017
This refitting was carried out mainly to replace most of the navigation and display systems, to
refurbish some of the on-board equipment and to test the boat’s safety systems and replace
their degraded components. However, many other changes have
also been made to improve important aesthetic and functional aspects (such as the total
repainting of both the vessel’s hull and the superstructures with
more aesthetically appropriate paint).
• Total repainting (hull sides and transom) with new “Mirror Effect” metallic paint (Challanger
Defender and “Custom Made” Challenger 613/259 619/259 Boero “Altura”).
• Total repainting of the superstructure and of the mast with white/gray color RAL 90-20.
• Replacement of all the navigation and radar displays with new Touch Screen NAVNET TZTB
Hatteland systems. Replacement of the mapping and navigation
systems with the new mm3d NAVNET TZT systems.
• Replacement of the main radar and its antenna with the new DRS6A Ultra Hight Definition 6
KW 64 NM system.
• Replacement of the night and emergency Fisher Panda power generator with an identical
new one.
• Replacement of 60% of the Teak Coating of the exteriors decks: Bow area and its access
steps, Stern area of the Main Deck and its steps to the Upper Deck, Stern Platform at sea and
its steps up to the Main Deck.
• Purchase of a professional NautiBuoy Marine Ltd, PCIFIC 800 floating platform. This
Platform can be used both as a sunbathing/swimming surface.
Carry out the maintenance and cleaning of the hull.
This semi-rigid platform also facilitates the mooring of the tenders.
• Regeneration (at zero hour) of the two desalination systems (replacement of all worn parts,
pressure switches, seals, high and low pressure pumps).
• Installation of an High Power Inverter System with a Victron Control System. The system
allows an autonomy of about 6 hours without power generators, guaranteeing to bathing and
sunbathing passengers a total absence of noise and exhaust fumes.
• Repainting of the machine room dunnage and chains well with scratch-resistant paint.
Replacement of all the diesel tanks levels meters with the new
Tecnofluid systems.
• Removal of all the watertight doors and replacement of all their aluminium components with
stainless steel components (this avoids the typical “paint blooms”
caused by the contact of different metals in a marine environment).
• Removing and total recovery of all the Air Conditioning Fancoils and Chillers and
replacement of the hoses and worn connections and of the defective remote controls and
• Testing of all refrigerators and freezers, restoration of their gas pressures and replacement
of all their gaskets and heating resistors. These resistors prevent
the freezing of the gaskets, constantly ensuring an optimum sealing.
• Replacement of all 24 volt LEDs. Control of the boat’s electrical network: insulation tests,
elimination of current leakages and replacement of worn contacts in the main Power Board
(Pino Group Company).
• Replacing of the RISERS of the exhaust fumes cooling system and of the
“minimum/maximum axial compensators” of the main engine.
Installation of sacrificial anodes to prevent galvanic currents corrosion.
• Comprehensive revision of the Bow and Stern Thrusters, of the stabilizing fins and of the
rudder system with disassembly, seals control and replacement of filters and oil (see TFS
Battipaglia memo).
• Replacement of the starboard winch, disassembly and overall control of the left winch(TBS,
• Replacement of all the diesel fuel emergency shutdown cables in the daily and double
bottoms tanks. Replacement of the referral pulley and gate valves installed in the tanks,
replacement of the bilges alarm sensors and of their emergency pumps.
• Installation in the Main Deck Lounge and Outdoor Dining Area of a removable high strength
canvas Gazebo. This facility completes the autumn and winter protection of the external
decks. These areas can also be heated now.
• Replacement of the damaged parts of the Upper Deck Gazebo. Installation of a removable
fly bridge cover and of its lighting system.
• Replacement of the five-plate cooking plan and of the main oven in the inside kitchen.
Substitution of the washing and of the dishwasher machines with the latest Milele
Professional Systems.
• Replacement of all outdoor cushions and seats covers (Main Deck, Upper Deck and Fly
• Replacement of the Wind Sensor and of the Satellite TLC Antenna (Inmarsat Fleet 55).
• Substitution of the wheelhouse centralized Remote Management and Vessel Control
Systems (fuel tanks, generators power on / off, electrical connections
reconfiguration, alarms, etc ..).
Detail Refitting and Maintenance Works
• Besenzoni gangboard: replacement of all hydraulic components.
• Upper deck gazebo: replacement of all worn parts.
• Upper deck: total reconstruction of the sofa.
• Fly bridge: replacement of cushions covers.
• Cleaning, control and repainting of:
• Fresh water tanks;
• Gray water tank;
• Exhausted oils tank;
• Fuel tanks.
• Control and new marpol certification of the hamann sewage treatment plant.
• Replacement of all zinc plates.
• Bowthruster: disassembling the entire system, sending it to the manufacturer for the
replacement of all the mechanical parts and the sealing gaskets reassembly on board.
• Replacement of the bow echo sounder with the lates generation navnet tztb system.
Software update of on board computer systems for the auxiliary cartography.
• Replacement of teak coamings in the stern beach, the fly bridge and the main deck.
elimination of infiltrations in the bollards areas.
• Installation of a steel profile,inox aisi 316,to protect the aft beach.
• Repainting of aft beach,of the access door to the engine room and of the steps to the upper
deck before.
• Complete annual service to the 2 kohler and to the fisher panda generators with the
replacement of pumps,pulleys and filters.
• Replacement of the soundproofing panels of the two main generators.
• Complete annual maintenance and repainting of the baudouin main engine.
• Complete annual maintenance of the hydraulic system of the rudder and the stabilizing fins
with the replecement of the hydraulic oil filters.
• Jet Tender Castoldi:
• Complete annual maintenance. Replacement of the propeller, of the water-jet tunnel of the
rudder pump and of the steering wheel. Replacement of the worn rubber parts.
R.I.N.A. ispections to confirm the rating class Every year the Italian Naval Register carries out
the planned yearly checks required to confirm the class certificate. This year, in addition to
the annual checks the five-year checks and checks of the main anti
fire system were also carried out.
• Disassembly of the rudder and propeller, extraction of the shaft to check the general wear
and the status of the seals and bushings. Both seals and bushings
have been substituted with new ones. Reassembling of the full system.
• Check of the black water, grey water and diesel tanks weldings.
• Control of all sea water intakes and of the exhaust outlets.
• Control of all flooding sensors and of the automatic and manual bilge pumps (left, right,
cofferdam, engine room and garage).
• General control of the hull and of the hull wells.
• Testing the correct operations of the emergency rudder and of the take me home engine.
• Complete control of the fire fighting pumps and of the fire fighting pipes.
• Control and weighting of the large fix fire fighting cylinders, replenishing of CO2. Revision of
portable fire extinguishers.
• Checking of the remote shut-off system of the forced ventilation in the engine room.
• Checking of the smoke sensors and of the alarm sirens.
• On board fire simulation.